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About the unresolved ticket - 365910 - 05/24/2019

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  • About the unresolved ticket - 365910 - 05/24/2019

    Hello everyone!
    I would like to have at least one feedback, because it's been almost 3 months, and so far there has been no feedback related to my problem ?!

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    What is your ticket about, generally? It is still [Open]?

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      Equipment that disappeared while grinding!


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        I just now forwarded your ticket with the brief info you provided here about it. I hope it gets resolved soon.

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          Is this really serious?
          I have been a player since 2012, I have recently played again and I have to believe that the staff cannot verify an error in my log after almost three months?
          On the day of the incident, I sent the ticket because I had noticed the error.
          Almost three months later, is that exactly what they answer me?
          I am extremely sad about webzen, even though I know that the facebook staff has always treated me very well.



          Thank you for contacting the MU Online Support Team.

          We apologize for the delay in response and for any inconvenience this issue has caused to you. Our team conducted an investigation regarding your request but we cannot confirmed how the item in-question lost based on our logs. Having said that, we cannot further assist you regarding this matter.

          Again, we apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

          MU Online Support Team
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            Sorry to hear about it.