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  • Egg of Monster

    I've been hunting for these Egg of Monsters on FTP servers for 2 days and have not seen one yet. Did this become a pay only event?

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    I finally found some on free play servers. Thanks for the fast reply. LMAO Guess they really dont give a Sht about the mu community.
    Next Question. I spent money trying to get a cool Muun and only got some stupid swim girl and tube girl with cash. I was like ok I guess thats a new Muun but its also the only one I got buying with money. I bought alot of the Muun egg+5 in X shop for 90 wcoin.. spent all my wcoin on these Muun and only got swim and tube girl.(Which I just sell to NPC) The very next day the Muun Eggs went on sale in the X shop.. LMAO!!!!!!!! Are you Fking kidding me? How do I get a cool Muun like I see people have in game???
    Even the egg of monster only gives swim girl and tube girl Muun.. such a fking joke.


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      The Egg of Monsters event always has only three muun available during the event. There will be 2 "normal" muun and 1 premium muun. You can only get premium muun from premium muun eggs (cash item shop). But the premium muun eggs still have a pretty low chance to drop the premium muun. Maybe like 10% chance of premium muun to drop. You also have a higher chance to get Evolution Stones from premium muun eggs vs "normal" eggs found from hunting monsters.

      Furthermore, you CAN get other muun other than those 3 main muun during the event. But its a really really low chance, maybe 3% chance to get muun from outside the main 3 of current event.

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        I see. Thanks. 3% isnt worth wasting money on them odds. I give up.


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          Sorry if its not what you were hoping for.