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Problem with lenght password

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  • Problem with lenght password

    Why game cant use passwords longer of 12 symbols?
    This problem i see, if i want to delete guild member from Guild.
    I see this problem, if i want to delete char from account.
    Before 3 years i can delete char with password from 13 symbol
    Now it is impossible delete - WHY?

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    Well... guess you can change your password to a shorter one, leave guild or w/e u want to do and then change it back if you wish too. I know it is uncomfortable, but it seems some kind of game limitation not very likely to get fix, even though I'd give it a try in the upcoming new season just in case.
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      My mail service provider has blocked access to registration mail (after 8 and 9 webzen anniversary giveaway) and I cannot change my password. What to do?


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        I guess sending a ticket explaining the situation that your mail is no longer supported and that you would like to use a new one.
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