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    Hello to whom ever is reading this,

    Due to unfortunate circumstances one of my 5 Accounts was banned 2015,
    Upon sending a ticket in 2015 I received a response of we can not divulge information pertaining
    to said account...

    4 years later I come back to see how mu is doing and see if old friends are playing.
    Guess what none of them are besides one...

    I sent in another Ticket this year hoping to find out something about why my account had been blocked in the first place.
    Spent so much time grinding levels by hand or using tape on my mouse to level up, prior to Webzen "New" Tool "Muhelper", Using my idea that I suggest to a MM a long long time ago...
    Mu Helper the in-game Leveling tool was create subtracting zen from a players, Increasing withdrawals over time.

    You've Got some nerve Webzen to take peoples ideas and Put them into game and then ban People playing sense the beta of the game...
    you wonder why your fan base for this game has plummeted. While there still is server activity. You've lost one of your biggest fans and contributors.

    While reaching out to a VL that I'd stumbled across, I built a computer solely for the purpose of playing Multiple clients at the same time. Will Webzen had their services running through site as a 2nd step authentication process everyone had massive lag issues, Causing the server to surge and Disconnect players Due to high occupancy.

    So in turn if you have a crap Internet provider your the first to be kicked for low frame rate, ping.
    Its understandable to be blocked and banned for using third party applications such as Hit hacks, dupe programs and Dc hacks.
    But to be banned to connectivity issues is down right freaking ridiculous.

    If you think I'm joking people heres their response to my request (ticket)... :Response [Ticket 371935]


    Thank you for contacting the MU Online Support Team.

    We appreciate you taking the time to contact us regarding your issue.
    Upon checking, your account "MuHelper" was suspended due to inconsistent and suspicous connection. Please be informed that this act is prohibited by the MU game policy, therefore, your account has been suspended indefinitely and further appeals regarding this sanction will no longer be assisted by the team.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for understanding.

    Best regards,
    MU Online Support Team

    I request that the VL's that have been around for a long time Step up and let your employer know how you feel about the process in which people are banned.
    If your unbanning others for having duped items, why not unban someone that has Connection issues... I can't help that my internet service provider has crappy connections out in the sticks... (BFE) sense then My connection rounds at 150+ mgbp No dc...

    Its disgusting to know that so much money, time and effort that I had put into this game has gone to waste...
    I suggest everyone that reads this post, rethink your thought on playing a game where the administrators don't give a crap about their community.

    This is the 3rd Attempt to bring notice to my account block...
    If you have got the same response back for your account being blocked as mine. Please share your thoughts and "flame on"

    Tell me how long you've been playing...
    400club [Ichor!]

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    Are you using VPN when you got suspended? From what i understand, i guess it's because they detected inconsistent IP address in your account. I have this same issue but not in this game, i hope you get your account back.


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      If webzen took the time to look into my account they will notice, My above listed account was used on the forums...
      If its inconsistent... It be my phone pulling up the forums and my pc running the game. If they look now at the data It will show that
      I've made connection from my phone with data, and its IP will show, then I connected with wifi. to the phone... then turn pc and use it to type this....

      Sad day when you think someone is cheating, Do your homework [GM] to do some good and unban the account...
      I'm here to prove a point Match the evidence.

      You Released 300+ accounts too in 2013 for unknown use... while transferring from k2 network
      Whats one account to You?
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