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Error trying to enter with my character

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  • Error trying to enter with my character

    Dear Mu Online team, you can help me by sending me this folder because when I try to log in I get the following message. Thank you

    "Data\World6\EncTerrain6.att file not found"


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    Hola SoySoloYo,

    Has intentado descargar el juego nuevamente? Ahora no tengo las carpetas del juego a la mano, pero estoy seguro que podrías descargarlo nuevamente y se solucionaría el problema, en el último mantenimiento hubieron varios bugs con la ruleta y hubo varios DC, cuando intente conectar me descargo la update y se quedo a medias, tuve que instalar todo nuevamente, felizmente tenia el instalador guardado.



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      I need file !


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        Please Help me


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          Originally posted by SoySoloYo View Post
          Please Help me
          Is there any chance that your character was possesing illegally created items (dupe item)? It may be the reason of game error since Webzen blocked some hack tools recently


          • SumPvP
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            I have the same problem, some solution?
            Name PJ = YuhitO (lvl 700+)
            Server = Helheim
            Map = Loren Marke

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          Hi there, please share your character name + server name that you are having difficultly logging in with.


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            I have the same problem. since early today my PJ was in Loren Market from SV6 and there he stayed yesterday night because I bought some BOL200%
            my PJ = YuhitO
            Server = Helheim
            I'm lightening up so settle it soon!


            • (VM)izakit
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              This type of error is directly associated with your character getting banned. It is because your character YuhitO was advertising/selling Errtel Items +7+7+7 (or greater) or Seed Sphere Lv:9 / Lv:10. You were warned via in-game mail to remove the items from your shop multiple times, and your character was disconnected after each warning. When you logged in you should have seen the new mail warning you about your personal store.


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            I never received a warning to my mail because I do not get the verifications or anything, the problems of disconnection are very followed in mu and I can not take disconnections as warnings. my character is high level and if I wanted to do something illegal I would do it with a character lvl 1. should be given a time to publish the warnings on the page, it is more if they are illegal items should delete them we have no fault of knowing that they are or not items copied. Give me back my PJ and delete the illegal items is all. Or will not my character be returned? some time of suspension


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              I have not had access to those items, it seems strange to me that instead of eliminating the problem, access is blocked.

              This is solved by attaching the mentioned folder and ready.

              Please someone who can support us with it?

              Data \ World6 \ EncTerrain6.att

              Thank you!!