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Cannot connect to FTP Problem

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  • Cannot connect to FTP Problem

    Hello everyone,
    i traveled the world for 7 months and just got back home and i want to get back on playing mu online like i have in the last 10 years
    but somehow when i try to connect i get a pop up that says "Cannot connect to FTP" =/

    i deleted any related mu thing on my PC and Re-downloaded and Re-installed everything from fresh but i still get this annoying msg that wont let me play

    i searched the internet for an answer and i saw a topic on that subject 2 years a go i think that was closed and i still got no answer =/
    i would really really appreciate any kind of help. so if anyone can help please do, dont read this topic and just move on..
    i wanna play the game i love =/

    waiting for any help ASAP


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    same problem here any solution?


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      Please go through following steps in order to resolve your issue.

      1. Open Internet Explorer (If you are using Windows 7, right click IE and select “Run as Administrator” ) (if IE does not work for you try another browser) 2. Go to 3. Click “Download Now” 4. When download finish click "Run" to install the file. 5. Click next 6. Click next 7.Select the location of your current Mu folder by pressing the Browse and navigating your way though your folders.(default location is C>Program Files(x86)>WEBZEN>Mu) Then click Ok and Next to continue. 8.Let the installation complete then press Finish 9. Open Internet Explorer 10. Go to 11. Close the Error Message asking you to download 12. Log-in on the top right 13. Press Play For more information visit:

      Please contact us again if you experience the same problem.
      Thank you
      Mu Support Team


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        same problem


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          Same problem


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            If you want you can try my app. When you open it, it will check your connection to game servers and reports back in red if one did not respond.