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    Hello everybody, I am just like you, one of thousands of mutizens playing right now GMO with all good and fair intentions. But I’ve come here to talk about VERY IMPORTANT matters which I totally believe we should attend before this game can continue having a normal progress. I present them as follow:
    1. WEBZEN SUPPORT IS TOTALLY UNSUCCESSFUL: I dont want to be rude so i didnt use other word. Webzen dont control AT ALL any ilegal duping program or currently any ilegal production of ERRTELS MAX, everybody can buy them in all servers, everybody had, has and will have them easyly. I mean even I know who make them, I know who sells them and they do all of this massively, all players are involved, specially the richest and “pro” players, the old players. Webzen never had any prescense countering these matters and the problem is that when its time to correct this they ban indiscriminately all who unfortunately ended to have these ítems, result: they kill players = they kill servers. And i should mention the fact that even when GM says Webzen doesnt ban coz of mad players THE REAL FACT IS THAT THEY DO, yes, webzen ban players without real proofs, becouse of haters that report you 5 times per day. Webzen guys, are you going to ever have any control on this?
    2. WEBZEN IS KILLING MUTIZENS IN ALL SERVERS: Since everybody got to have all these ilegal dupped items or bugged errtels max and everybody was so happy with their event pentagrams full of them, the moment webzen seemed to start correcting this problem they started to ban everybody¡¡¡ Players got masssively ban on midgard, and I guess on titan and hellheim too, my friends and many allys started to leave game, I wonder what the heck we are going to do without the oldest and pro and richest players who contributed to webzen with thousands and thousands of dollars? If you hit the hive u kill all bees so i will quit too becouse my friends are all gone and specially on midgard, market, pvp and pvm is impossible, at least midgard. Webzen, will you run a server without players or havent u realize anything yet?
    So I want to contribute with some not so innovative but at least some ideas:
    1. WEBZEN SHOULD IMPROVE ITS CONTROL OVER ILEGAL ITEMS: Pleeeeeeeeeease, do something, I love this game, everybody loves this game even when its old, you just dont do anything with this problem and you end banning everybody who is later involved, waiting for pple to be honest cannot be the solution, the only thing you do is killing the game¡¡ I know this problem has been always uncorrected becouse I know many players who are part of this ilegal production and they have always got profit from this, webzen never stopped anybody.
    2. WEBZEN SHOULD UNBAN EVERYBODY AND DELETE PERIODICALLY ALL DUPPED ITEMS OR ERRTELS MAX: Gives us at least info when u ban us, tell us why we are ban and how long, send a message to the mail or account, be smart¡¡¡ Dont delete pentagram pleeeease, pentagrams are not ilegal, only errtels, you are taking from our hands our event pentagrams from old events where we participated expending a lot of money. And to those are ban release them or ban them only 1 week, start a continuosly scan on all accounts starting on the most reported or most suspects players or accounts, dont let this problem go bigger. This way sellers will have problems and production will cease.
    3. MERGE SERVERS: My suggestion is to merge at least Midgard + Titan, but it will be a more efficient response if you merge Asgard too, this added to the unban of all players will get them back to the game and maybe we can renew the game and make it older.
    Thanks for reading

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    Oh God i realy did read it all..... But i totally agree with you!