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    Why is there no reply here Game Masters O_O? Could you give us a second of your attention ? Some of us here a people of value in real life , engineers doctors , you are providing some of the worst services for an online game.


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      Nice Bro but Look my posty And try do smth . Dont leave this raport resolve it. At last week i send 2 ticket to WZ And still not resolve but yesterday i send ticket About rare And today is resolve it... wtf wywar All GMs doping sleep ar have more private important think???? Look And try interesy of my topic And do smth cause VL too send tickets And nothink... wrr 馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨


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        Originally posted by Jehrain View Post
        Hi, everyone

        This forum category is to share GMs' life: our favorites, our goal, what we like, what we dislike and etc. with all Mutizens.
        Although some users do not have very positive impression towards us we hope to have some fun with you here.
        Look forward to our stories.
        See you soon!
        Look at my topic !!! And go to work. Finaly ur the GM


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          Hey wass up GM's.

          would you like me to post how many times you escalated our Thickets ( yes I mean the top 4 winners) for roulette prizes. I know for certain we've sent our thickets multiple times. Can you please resolve this now its been a month.


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            Hello dear GMs.
            I am old player, and I cannot access my account, account name "dubai88"

            I knew all old GMs (hi DeathGod and Lilith, if you are reading this) in 2010-2012 when I played, can anyone help me to get my account back?


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              buenos dias amigos tengo mas de 3 meses sin poder entrar al juego reci茅n formatee la pc y todav铆a sigue presentando el mismo error de antes necesito de su ayuda para poder entrar al juego porfa

              [error1003-153 si el mismo eorror persite pongase en contacto con nosotros servicio al cliente con el numero y erl archivos de error en la carpeta game guard agjunto.

              espero por su respuesta y gracias por su atencion


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                All GMs are dead for sure.
                Many lovely conments are here but I can't see any GM.


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                  Bienvenidos sean todos los Guilds, miembros y esp铆ritus libres!
                  El siguiente comunicado es para anunciar la creaci贸n de un grupo de trades dedicado para Midgard, que busca apoyar a los nuevos, los que ya conocen Mu y los que desean mejorar con cada posible trade. La misi贸n es proporcionar las herramientas necesarias para crecer y ofrecer niveles de seguridad m铆nima para evitar el enga帽o mediante robos,etc. La admisi贸n solo requiere lvl m铆nimo de 50, respeto mutuo, no escamers. Olvidaba decir pueden expresarse en su idioma nativo o ingles.
                  Bienvenidos y Gracias por su presencia desde Ya !!

                  Welcome be all the Guilds, members and free spirits!
                  The following statement is to announce the creation of a dedicated group of trades for Midgard, which seeks to support the new ones, those who already know Mu and those who wish to improve with every possible trade. The mission is to provide the necessary tools to grow and offer minimum security levels to avoid cheating by theft, etc. Admission only requires minimum lvl of 50, mutual respect, no escamers. I forgot to say they can express themselves in their native language or English.
                  Welcome and Thank you for your presence since now !!


                  PD: En caso no aparezca el hipervinculo, copiar y pegar en pagina nueva.
                  PD: Solo atender茅 comentarios y criticas constructivas.

                  Atte. the mister


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                    GM, pode me ajudar? Roubaram minhas J贸ias de Bless, Soul, LIfe e Chaos. no Hist贸rico de acesso tem pa铆ses como Venezuela e Peru! Como saber o hist贸rico de Trade do meu personagem?


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                      Please, fix golden invasion in Aflheim


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                        Originally posted by jehrain View Post
                        hi, everyone

                        this forum category is to share gms' life: Our favorites, our goal, what we like, what we dislike and etc. With all mutizens.
                        Although some users do not have very positive impression towards us we hope to have some fun with you here.
                        Look forward to our stories.
                        See you soon!
                        i quit i need my money refund...all this disconect bs wasted all my buffs for months wasted thousands dollars for this disconect..this is not the first time it happends i want my money back or i will sue or ask china to drop atomic/corona virus in korean..


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                          Originally posted by Rhaspberry View Post
                          Make your own MMORPG, buy servers, do all programming shit, hire some employees, open some offices, build your comoany and then tell us if you can did it giving a completely free service...


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                            Hello, Webzen GM`s,

                            please change something with Event Entrances, Devil Square for example... people pay for the Game and its so sad, and cant enter events...

                            Every Char can anyway only 4 times a day enter Devil Sqaure.

                            Why dont change the time, hole day every 30 min?
                            Why dont do 2nd or 3rd Entrance...

                            Thx for ur help