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    Originally posted by DivineRetribution View Post

    Nice to see the GM's active on forums.

    I do not know to tell if everything is bought with coins.

    however the VL are, do not you think the logs, however has a value of 6k coin


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      Since yesterday what I did not like was that for political Webzen I blocked the account and was not hack or spamm, but by using my mind for sales, when for me it was the best way to manage all my bills, spending Items pulling me when I get levels to an account to leave AFK in server market in June to sell and improve my other characters in costumes and armas.- Which has since 2012 this has created and EMG lm 3xx 4xx and Elf, and was not a level 1 afk if not one that underwent increases lvl.- And support Webzen knew only answer to the blockade: Many thanks for contacting MU Support team. We are sincerely sorry about informing esta email. Unfortunately we can not be of assistance in your case esta ACCORDING to our policy. Your account has-been suspended due to account selling activity. We apologize for any inconvenience esta May Have Caused and thank you for your understanding. Thank you Best regards, MU Support Team P / D: If someone help me find the laws, regulations, policies of the stake to respond or react to the blockade and Thank you.- TICKET : 145981 and 146223 Since 2012 game to date and do not assess that. A tristeza.


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        I want a solution .. where are the GM ???

        [COLOR=#6A6A6A !important]Yesterday, 06:30 PM[/COLOR]

        game mu and never used any kind of hack ...
        I'm not playing because of error 1010 error gameguard ...
        Yesterday I logged in the forum looked to see he was a help
        now when I log my RF was without my set MAX raves + 15 + 16 + L + xB Plate + 15 + x + x + X without Cape + 14 + 16 With nothing naked, my empty bau had 20bols 200% , 1 Phoenix Soul Star+13+L+16+PvP 1 X Holy Claw +9+s+x+x , pendant and rings

        WHAT can you do, I want a solution please

        I not spent password to anyone ....

        and now where are my items ???

        that no one can answer that?
        where are the GM's of the game?
        what they are doing ?
        I hacked my items all want an answer


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          Ok, This is "Funny" I did Report an scammer, one of hundred who are selling items for money in the game. We had a deal, he was from my Ally. and he did no give the item after I give him the coins. Now, This coins were EPIN coins, coins that webzen give to PCgamesupply to sell to their players. I spend money money supporting webzen buying that cins that they sell. somebody did stole this coins and when I do the ticket talking about him, they do banner me from the game. Those coins go to be spend in the game, for me, o for thw MF who did stole it. Webzen dont lost nothing but they say that its illegal. Is Illegal buy your coins? Somebody that was supporting you for years and never use a hacker, or never take advnetage of other player, who is a good player who continue playing the game no matter you are making of this nice game worrs everyday... why do you block me from the game when I did buy money in you. I had no illegal items. Im sure the MF is oin the game stolen other players. who dont see every day to ddlgamesupply in server 6 lorencia every day selling items aout the game, or in all the different pages on facebook? you have no rspect for you supporters. We could do nothing because you are in Korea and you say in you rules that you fix all with Koreans Laws but they are ways. we spend thousend in you, and Im talking just in you shop. nobody do give you an answer, only the robots, nobody say something. when you send a ticket you are talking with the air. nobody does answer you. I hope any GM or somebody do talk attention of this because no all here believe that we cant do nothing when you abuse of the player who are no from Asia. you need to start to have more respect for player form the world. Hope any Gm could send me a mail or talk withme. or I go to start other things against the game. im noa kid.


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            I dunno if this is the place to ask for this .. I played 8-9 years this game, i want to know if you can recover my acc


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              Originally posted by Aspirineta View Post
              I dunno if this is the place to ask for this .. I played 8-9 years this game, i want to know if you can recover my acc

              If you haven't done some recovery actions in 2010 then I'm afraid your data is gone. They had a a couple of merges and all the non-active accounts got deleted.
              Bu it is fun to start anew anyway. Good luck

              As for this thread, I feel that it is a good thing that GMs are sharing some off topic ideas with the players therefore it is rude of those that bash them in this thread.
              Thanks for doing what you can to improve our experience and if you need any help, let me know!



              • Aspirineta
                Aspirineta commented
                Editing a comment
                U.u well i already started, thanks for the info!

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              hello gm please help me cause my account is blocked
              mail me and i give to you me username
              thanks .


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                You deleted off topick but keep this section what is inactive -.-

                ***KingdomHeartS Guild***
                **Flyff US - Lykan Server**
                *******Guild Page*******
                Do you want to join? PM me!
                Polskie Forum Flyff'a >Dołącz do Najlepszych<
                ***Flyff US Lykan Server*** (Group over 2100 members! Join US!)


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                  GM SOLVE MY TICKET 160611
                  i dont know anything rules in mu,,because i always autoplay/afk in game
                  i write my reason my ticket please gm
                  give me my account/character (


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                    GM Guys, I dont know who you are, how do you look or how do you work. However you must take into consideration many players, that still playing despite all the inconvenients. They are loyal because this game is Unique, they invested alot of time and money ("time is money" U know the phrase) on their cahracters.ate ​We need the adequate médium of comunication, we need more live on your contact with us. Something like Live Chat to solve our issues rapidly.

                    I had a issue with one of my accounts, I tried to enter to a channel 6 hellheim while was full, suddendly, I got Dced and tried to relog but it just disconnected me as son i entered my account, no matter what channel or account selected. After that i wanted to enter to webpage, a message saying taht my IP was suspended surprised me. I waited about 15 minutes and then i could log with any of my accounts, however the account cited above said its password is incorrect, It got changed ! I cant even check my Email because i lost it time ago Cant remember, i want to contact you to explain me what happened with my account and for cahnge the email adress to a new one.

                    Hope you could contact me to talk, this kind of games need always a administrator to talk this kind of issues that pop out of the system. Come on guys, show some signs of life, depends on you the life of your game isnt?



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                      Wow this thread is quite an impression to a newbie like me. I was about to read some friendly/ get to know thread but all i can see are people expressing their frustrations. And why do people act like they own the GM's? I wish the server is not bad as my first impression *crossing fingers* anyways nice to know you GM's lol.


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                        hi gm i have a problem with my client, when i update show my error and i cant start it


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                          for GM this game ... it something went wrong with your new event ...i buy Wcoin for my dw minhden21 but i dont know why those item i buy it went to your new event ....please check and give me back Wcoin or the item in my real character


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                            i love to talk with WZ GM or WL REALLY !!
                            please contakt me Xd
                            i have i think to say :


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                     Very serious, we are with evidence that VL Javiercar is totally involved with acount that violates rule of game Mu Online. Protecting and deleting topics related to BM Charater subject> Walter1 have status points bugged. 30,000 HP and 25,000 energy, some GM Webzen to verify this very important case?

                              video show atack dmg and hp poison >