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Big mystakes on The Golden Colossus Event !!!

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  • Big mystakes on The Golden Colossus Event !!!

    Hello all ,
    below i will write mistakes made by webzen in colossus event :
    On website write that drop Titan Anger but in game get Titan Summon Scroll ( a different item ) last year was Titan Anger .
    Only drop what i got from this titan was mithril , zen and errtell rank1 0-3 and crap penta 150lvl .

    This is list with drop from website :
    10,000 ZEN
    [Bound] Bless of Light(Greater)x2
    [Bound] Bless of Light(Greater)x3
    Medium Magic Stone
    Higher Magic Stone
    Excellent Pendant
    Iron Shield of the Magic(1~3)
    Brave Hero Elixir(1~3)
    Merciless Gladiator's Dagger (1~3)
    Thoughtful Sage's Jewel(1~3)
    Kundun's Madness Blade
    Kundun's Magic Spell Scroll
    Empire Guardians' Stronghold
    Ancient Icarus Scroll
    Runedil's Goldentune Harp
    Lemuria's Orb
    Norrwen's Bloodstring Lyra
    Arca's Prophecy
    Antonia's Sword
    Kundun's Seal Scroll
    Golden Crest

    BUT WHERE ARE Bless of Light ? Where are Magic Stone ?
    Drop from this event was 5-6 years ago ! I think they put the old database .

    VLTex Bardial You can please pass this information on to GM to investigate and correct this event ?
    It's totally different in game from what is written on the site.
    I do not understand how such a mistake can be made
    Look how was last year

    Now why go crazy in the game after this event when they don't even drop bless of light ... i remeber last year i made alot of bless of light from this event and Higher magic stone .

    Thank you all !

    PS: growing disappointment about this company

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    Wings of Angel Devil 28 days and Pentagram if you have luck.


    • SlayerRzr
      SlayerRzr commented
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      I heard can drop Wings but is a difference between what they write on website at drop and what we have in game

    • Razzen
      Razzen commented
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      SlayerRzr if you are old enough on this game, you should know that webzen percentages are like divided in 100, if there says you have 10% drop rate, then the real drop rate you will have will be like .01%

    • SlayerRzr
      SlayerRzr commented
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      Over 15 years in this game

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    Thanks for pointing it out. Although I have been raising the drop issue since the start of the event, awaiting update from GMs if it has been checked/corrected.

    The only thing new not mentioned before was the titan anger and those summon scrolls now which hasn't been updated.

    Wings of angel and devil drop too but they are not on the list, i think they stack up to 56 days.
    If you have in game issues describe it in a post and create a youtube video. Otherwise I may ask follow up questions which would delay help. I cannot view tickets...

    To check Rare Tickets and any issues related to Rare Tickets go to this post first:

    I would like to remind you that creating multiple tickets about the same issue would most likely delay WZ response.


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      4 Summon Hell Mine Scroll and chance to obtain Summon Golden Kundun Scroll is like 1/4.


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        good evening everyone:
        I already dropped 83 summons (I caught 2 kundum) 1 of them came to me
        1 penta lyra 123 the other exc pendant wind+mana
        I think it's very difficult lol for little gain


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          I dropped first 4 titan scrolls that I found. One of them was kundun with Devil Wings 28 days. But at least those wings are worst than my rr max sum wings
          Next usless event.