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DCs may not be happening for conections issues. (ongoing investigation)

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  • DCs may not be happening for conections issues. (ongoing investigation)

    First, story time.

    So, i reach lvl 800. NEVER had any problem withs DCs before. One of my chars is a Slayer, ive been using Pierce Attack, but ater i reach around lvl 810 i get some good damage on Sword Inertia (the skill im planning to use post 825) so i started to try it out.

    Oddly, after just a few hours, my slayer got DC. Now, this was weird because i had 3 accounts connected, and only the slayer one DCed. Ok, it happens. Reconect, back to farming. After like an hour, disconected again. Ok... it happens.

    Around this time i got some taxi action from a guild pal, so i just went to SoD to get carried for a little bit. Now note that i just standing there and not attacking. One full week without DCed. Not even ONCE.

    I go back to farming, started blasting sword inertia... after 3 hours, boom! DCed. This happened a few times. So i started to get suspicious.

    While farming i tried changing come grafical options, and inmediatly got DC.

    I change to Pierce Attack, and its been almost 4 days without a single DC.

    So, obviously, thes some kind of grafical glitch (at least with sword inertia) thats making my char DC.

    Now, clearlly slayers around the world use Sword Inertia and DONT get DCed every 2 hours. So may be is a combination of effects? May be some interaction with the set and the animation of attack, some buff and the way the attack is performed?

    Sadly, i dont have 35 accounts with every class, so my testing capabilities are limited, But ill apreciate any info (of any class) regarding this *posible* issue.

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    of course is posible , remenber succubus pants dc bug , so obviusly is posible , but sadly we need more information and feedbacks , and after wait they patch it next update or season .


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      The same thing is happening with my slayer when AFK farming.

      My slayer is the only account that ALWAYS DC whenever I come back a few hours later.

      By the way, I only use Sword Inertia.

      You are not alone buddy!

      Good observation about the use of the skill and the DC issue.
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        I can confirm that in 1 whole week without using sword inertia, i had a total of ZERO DCs.

        I need to stay on piercing for one or two days, after that i will return to test Sword inertia,

        PS: I tried Meteor Strike, Meteor Storm and Evil Spirits, and had no issue with SM. Same with Triple shot (unupgraded) and Multishot for Elf.

        PS 2: This never happened when i was under lvl 400 with the Slayer, so im inclined to believe it has to do with eather the lvl 400 or the lvl 800 upgrade.


        • Jola
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          My slayer is lv 310 and the same thing is happening to me; therefore, I can say that it has no relation to the lvl.

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        UPDATE: 3 days of farming with Sword Inertia. Just 1 DC.

        After that 1 DC i disable the poison debuff on my elf, and havent got one since. May be could be related?


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          after maintenance i got dc every time i log in and i play only 1 account...


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            I'm playing summoner (lvl 420) and sometimes I get like 5 DC's a day, sometimes I can go 3 days without one. My friend plays 5 accounts and get's regular DC's on a random number of accounts at once. Rarely all of them at the same time. It's a server issue and they can't figure it out, because they are too busy milking money.