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  • DC madness

    I spent so much $$ for wcoins and can't even level up ..... do something about it for **** sake are scamming me ...its fine for 1 day then shit ...i have to stay home 24/7 if i go to work or smth i get dced...i remember it wasnt that bad before .. relocation of your service did many times worse something about it ...

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    Dc is a part of this game, like a PK Bug and other nice things. This game is not for a weak people. U must be tough...dont cry


    • 32nguyen
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      Do you understand what he meant by "DC madness"? this is not normal dc, this is lag + no dmg on mobs + die and dc in every 5mins period. Many people got dc and many people don't. People are so lazy to understand other from people's perspectives. This is the reason why wz blocked submit ticket option at the moment (from my side), don't argue if it still works from your side.
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    I am experiencing alot of dc with multiple client.