Hi guys,

I am putting this on the forum so that MOD can help to check the result of Roulette event for 3rd week.


- Picture1: for ranking list from Announcement is not correct because it is pulled only from result of 13/09/2021 (Picture4)
- Picture2: in this Event period: winner result should be the result before maintenance which is result from: 00:00 to 02:00 of 14/09/2021. In that 2 hours, account: minh***** from rank5 (26,599 point) to rank3 (33,994 point) (both of ranking list in roulette should be correct as it is result from before maintenance)
- Picture3 and Picture5: result from website event, updated on 15/09/2021, which is result of 14/09/2021
- Picture4: this was used for Ranking Annoucement on mainpage, which is result only from 07/09/2021 to 13/09/2021

My ticket number is: 440556