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  • How old is your account?

    Tell us brief timeline how old your MU account?
    Webzen global - Maya (2005) >K2 network - Midgard(played all the way until k2 close MU) > Webzen global again until now alfheim and midgard.

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    Hi, My acccount was made in 2016 of June. Original Server was HH, favourite colour is blue, and mothers maiden name is Fajita.
    Mayor McCheese


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      hi my account i dont remeber the year is about from the first day of mu


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        Mhhh.... no idea. I think shortly after k2 Network released the license for Muonline, so something around 2003 (but I have no idea which server I was on...can someone pull out the old server names, please )? Then there was a break, I think from 2006 and when Webzen took over the whole thing, I joined again (Helheim), so around 2009. Now I play MuOnline every now and then... sometimes a year, sometimes a few months and then again break. Unfortunately the game has lost a lot of quality and fun since Webzen took over... but I have so many memories of the game and just can't get away from it ^^