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How to reset skill enhancement tree?

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  • How to reset skill enhancement tree?

    I had two skill enhancement tree in my shop inbox and clicked on "use" it disappear from my shop but I can't use it. I thought it was old because I am just thinking about coming back to game again. I bought another from mushop same thing but it doesn't work? What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

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    Hi AbovetheHype10, try to follow the instruction below. Hope it helps!

    1. Go to Webshop > Shopping List > INBOX and USE "Skill Enhancement Tree Initialization"

    2. Go to Webshop > MU PREMIUM COUPONS > COUPON BOX > USE "Skill Enhancement Tree Initialization"

    3. Check Skill Enhancement Tree Initialization instructions and click NEXT

    4. Choose Server and character that is qualified to use Skill Enhancement Tree Initialization.