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New BOMB event - only Elbeland?!

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  • New BOMB event - only Elbeland?!

    I dont understand why new Bomb event card pieces falls out only from monsters in Elbeland map? Its sucks a lot!!! I played in this map before this event (its a better spot with my lvl now, because im not dying playing with mu helper, in Atlants im dying in this mode), but now... now there isnt spots where i can play. Players with 300, 400 and bigger levels are there only because this event. Why this card pieces arent felling of from ALL monsters in ALL maps? It just doesnt make sense.. (ps. im playing in Helheim).

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    I didn't invented elbeland farming.

    I just systematically perfected and popularized it.
    It became hugely popular and highly competitive because it is easy to do as f2p and is extremely profitable. Now that dino can no longer be combined, it gets much worse as elbeland remain the sole best way for low level farming. The remaining thing new player can do is ks your way to victory... or play in lesser spots (0.2~0.25 kill per second is still fairly good, compared to the highly competitive spots that exceed 0.35).

    And no, you too can easily create a DL or AE that one-shot captain grizzly at level 250 or so, AT A LOW BUDGET (30b or under, which pays for itself in a week or two afk), not level 300+. You may earn 100~200b during 2-week bomb event per character afk if there is no ks involved (which is unlikely), that's how crazy the darnn thing is.

    Cards drop from all maps from monsters above a certain level (before they fixed it, killing spiders in elbeland was a viable way to farm cards which was ridiculous). Captain grizzy is level 48 but I believe poison bull (Lv46 in D2 and D3) can drop it. I'm pretty sure that elite skeletons (Lv42) can't drop it.

    Consider the likeliness of ks in key spots, 0.2 kill per second in a peaceful spot is not that bad. This speed can be achieved by most classes in LT, icarus or kanturu.

    The efficiency of E3 farming would only be surpassed by ubaid dark spot or debenter and up (with 6-mob or more per spot), that are not really newbie-friendly, as these require decent amount of commitment, usually require level 480 and 400b budget for most classes as entry level.


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      I have had drops from dungeon 7 just as quickly.