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Do you really pay for this service?

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  • Do you really pay for this service?

    I'm impressed at how many people complain about wcoins after events or maintenances. I mean, do you really pay to play Mu? Apart from half of you that are inside black markets getting profit from your investments, what's the deal? Webzen doesn't give a good service to deserve your money, my friends.

    1. They never hear the players' suggestions. It's true, just check for how long people have been asking for the old pk system, for example. Any serious company would have changed that asap, to make players happy and bring back the ones that left;

    2. They rarely create new things: maps and events are all the same as the ones before, but with different colors (deep atlans, dungeon, crimson icarus, kanturu3). They don't update old events, BC, CC, DS, CS are all the same they were 20 years ago. Oh! And don't be mad that you get 100k zen after staying 30min inside an event, you can try again;

    3. Your tickets, no matter the subject, are getting an automatic answer 99% of the time. They don't even bother reading it, and ask you to make another ticket (instead of just making a system which you can reply under the same subject and posts);

    4. The game is full of hacks, and duped items still roam free around the servers. EVERYONE knows that Helheim and Midgard is full of duped errtels. FULLLLLLLL. Some of you may be playing on Arcadia and think "oh, Arcadia doesn't have that". Well, guess what... it will, eventually. All servers are damned to get a "duping season" because Webzen doesn't know how to deal with it, they lose track and they are unable to rollback the servers or specifically undo the duped items;

    5. Game community is dead. You can see by the forum itself, one post a day, NEVER updated. If you go to Marketplace you can still see a server named Eldorado, but no Arcadia. And even if it had Arcadia, it wouldn't change a bit, as even a full server like Helheim doesn't have an active marketplace on forum. Furthermore, this forum is so bad, so laggy, no Game Master takes part here, and when they did they probably just followed some orders from above and made a topic on "GM Notes", and since them looks like they're dead. There was a MOD working here one of these days, but he is just like those VL/VMs that could do nothing about anything, just say "oh you should send ticket", "oh we appreciate your patience";

    6. The only time they made an improvement to the game's consumption of your computer, they made it as an item to be bought from the wcoin shop (switch scroll). THANK YOU, WEBZEN, after 20 years I can finally pay to get an improvement.

    These are just 6 reasons that I could think right now that explain why I don't spend a penny on this game and I don't think any of you should - not until they notice they need to do something about it, and not just throw pay to win events every month to make it worth to keep the servers up.

    Brasileiros/Latinos, usem o tradutor se não souberem inglês, deu preguiça de fazer a versão em português. Mesmo sabendo que 95% das pessoas do mu são latinos, nas regras do fórum diz que os posts devem ser em inglês.
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    Totally agree,

    The world is my Arena,pup!!!