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Ram consumption (Are we getting mined?)

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  • Ram consumption (Are we getting mined?)

    Hello guys, today i was comparing pc specs with a friend and how good it handles multiaccounts, and it turned out that my mu clients are consuming 800-900 mb of Ram each, and my friend only 150mb -200mb. After this we asked more people and had the same issue, some of them more than anothers.
    Aparently it has no conection with the OS or the RAM mhz frequency.

    I just want to ask you guys how much ram per client is being consumed on your pcs and a bit of your specs too.

    cpu :Amd fx 8350
    gpu: Amd r9 380
    ram : Gskill RipjawsX ddr3 2133mhz 16gb
    country: Spain.

    Ty, gl and i hope we can solve this mistery.
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    Not getting mined. I would only think about that if webzen was Chinese. Too lazy to check my specs, tho. GL.


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      Something more than a lazy rant would be helpfull


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        I believe it is something with nProtect that come with gmo client, if you play some game on steam and other publisher sometimes they get attacked by these software. These protection consume the ram not the mu itself. Obviously they are not very efficient here.