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Warning - trade hack still around

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  • Warning - trade hack still around


    Please sell items in shop if you doubt any trade hack.

    Trade hacker nowadays always try to buy the items that still on sale in the market for long time and always offer you a reasonable price so you can trust him as not a trade hack. You better be careful rather than being cheat.

    Don't trade with noob chars.
    Trade with the main chars over 800 lvl with good set and wings.
    Record video when trading and report immediately if trade hack.

    For example,
    - Hacker use a noob char to buy Lyra 123/1234 (lyra 1 trade only) and noob no need use lyra. Ask for main char with high level to trade or put item in shop to sell.

    - Hacker use a noob char to click trade with you and cancel. Then click trade again => that's the way he use hack trade. Or hacker can use another moob char to trade you => he use hack trade.

    - Normally, a normal trader put the jewels into the top left corner first (as he use right lick to the jewels). Hacker put the jewel in the top right corner.

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    the item placement has nothing to do with it.There is no such thing as trade hack in GMO. There has only been times where you could press "ok/trade" right after the person took out the item, which still wasn't trade hack, but just a bug that would catch careless players.