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    Mu online support team.
    Greetings from Mexico, I’m writing with disappointment because you have been executed last days a lot of bans to users without enough and necessary probes or a good excuse, meanwhile duppers in game post without restrictions in gens ilegal items with no consequences.(pj ZINC)
    Hopefully this message arrive to you, this happens because our volunteers are not longer available or are disappeared in Arcadia server.
    This server specially is lack of attention even if it’s a rising server, my question is, are you capable to hold this bad behaviors or are you outrunning with this situations?
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    Very sad, I have been reporting this same situation for months now and the answer is the same as yours, and the same as my unfairly banned account. We need to advise users not to buy these seeds, unfortunately some friends have bought it since they are new to the game and got their account banned without knowing. I don't know what is going on with Webzen but it appears people are collecting paychecks and not serving the game and users the way they deserve. Greatly disappointing situation...


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      In midgard is the same sh*t on lorenmarket. Its full of those dupe seeds.