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Midgard - Hack Magofullll

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  • Midgard - Hack Magofullll

    Hi all.
    It is not my custom to make these complaints but seeing so many players use hack lately it deserves to report and stop this now.
    I come to Report the Magofullll Player who uses Hack Telport Coord the same one that everyone already knows to appear faster in the Boss rooms this time in PvP since he was seen using the Hack many times that is why he decided to record and Thus to be able to report this player who abuses the Hack by violating the rules of the game and the policy of Webzen Mu Online.

    Minute 0:18 appears in safe after giving SB and Expansion Wiz on another map. When walking it disappears and then appears off the map with the Hack that everyone already knows to go quickly to the Boss. We hope that this player will be penalized since he has been doing it repeatedly with the help of the Hack that we all already know from complaints and videos.

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    yeah i saw it appear out side after he was killed how its that possible use that hack at the game


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      Nice try Tony, but everyone knows that's lag. He's walking while you see him standing still, then the game syncs and you see him further ahead.


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        I do not see the need to use hackers to appear at any Devias gate, if the person can walk to get there, it does not make sense to me, now if it is to kill Boss or to win an event there was suspicious


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          Man you are the pirate GM right Tony? In this video it does not prove anything man. Why is this player going to use hacker to teleport in the middle of a pvp at the war gate? It doesn't make any sense.
          What you have as proof is a guy who is in the middle of a pvp with you, who went to another map to use mana shild and go back to pvp like any other SM does.
          You just had lag on your internet. That doesn't prove anything!
          And is the brother's sm so bad that he used the hacker to teleport at the gate and die again?
          You said he uses a hacker to teleport into the Lord's room. That is a lie! I hunt every day and I never saw this guy there because those who go hunting are always the same people.

          You must be trying to incriminate the guy for something that does not proceed by lying blatantly so that he is harmed.
          False accusation is also against the policy of wbz bro. You are lying to harm the guy.
          Ask all Vms, Vls, to ask him.
          Where's the video of the guy using a hacker in the lord de ferea?

          If you do not have this proof that in video he uses hacker in the lord, who should be punished is you Tony.


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            How can a GM of an GUILD accuse other people without real evidence?

            How absurd for an old player, used to this game, to seek the worst way to incriminate a player other guild.

            This is not a good GM attitude.
            Be honest, delete that post.

            What you're trying to do is a dirty game. Do it out of respect for your team and the person you accuse without having anything to prove.

            Guild Intense


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              Tony and Kuanyi, should post video of Magofullll on ferea boss please, if not this is just another new false acussation and should be punished as well,
              Ruin Guild Master
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                The best thing you can do to report a alleged hacker is submit a CS Ticket about it with clear visual proof.

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