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Metasploit - using hack - ARKAWAR

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  • Metasploit - using hack - ARKAWAR

    Guild name: NoGuild
    Server: Arcadia

    We will not tolerate the use of hack in PVP.
    Whoever it is!


    some truths!

    What is the need for a char top 1.
    lvl 1089 - Summoner
    set Blue

    hack a pvp event ???

    on a new server, whose adiversarios are using ABA SET
    ADA SET, set BOUND +15 event?

    I come across that post, to explain my repudiation.


    algumas verdades !

    Qual a necessidade de um char top 1.
    lvl 1089 - Summoner
    set Blue

    usar hack em um evento pvp???

    em um server novo, que cuja seus adiversarios estão usando ABA SET
    ADA SET , set BOUND +15 evento ?

    Venho atraves desse poste, explessar o meu repudio.


    algunas verdades!

    ¿Cuál es la necesidad de un char top 1?
    lvl 1089 - Summoner
    set Blue

    piratear un evento pvp ???

    en un nuevo servidor, cuyos adiversarios están utilizando ABA SET
    ADA SET, set BOUND +15 evento?

    Me encuentro con esa publicación, para explicar mi repudio.
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    do not use in pvp!

    can kill your boss in SOD (Swamp of Darkness)

    God of Darkness, Keep taking all your
    Golden Crests, I don't care.

    if you continue, using in pvp. we will record you in SOD.

    Here's the tip!

    não use no pvp!

    pode matar seu boss em SOD (Swamp of Darkness)

    God of Darkness , Continuar pegando tudo os seus
    Golden Crests, não me importo.

    se continuar , usando no pvp. vamos te gravar em SOD.

    Fica a dica!

    no lo uses en pvp!

    puede matar a tu jefe en SOD (Swamp of Darkness)

    Dios de la oscuridad, sigue tomando todo tu
    Golden Crests, no me importa.

    si continúas, usándolo en pvp. Te grabaremos en SOD.

    Aquí está el consejo!


    • Fuzofsky
      Fuzofsky commented
      Editing a comment
      Metasploit HACK !!

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      want to draw your own conclusions, see 9:20 in the full video of the arkawar!


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        Follow the bidding!
        Metasploit! not here!

        remember all the pvp is recorded.


        I see, he attacked walking, when the character stopped, the enemy player had already died!
        vejo , atacou andando, quando o char parou, o player inimigo ja tinha morrido!
        Ya veo, atacó caminando, cuando el personaje se detuvo, ¡el jugador enemigo ya había muerto!


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          We will hear versions of:

          The reality is that what is not NORMAL is suspicious

          An investigation costs nothing, the facts are more than enough!!!

          "We are an organization dedicated to ending the hack and exposing fakers"


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            Hi There,
            Thank you so much for the great post itself. I can definitely see how you would like to have prompt assistance for this type of claim. Right now, I'm going to take a look at this topic. That being said, I hope to continue counting on your excellent participation in the future. however, I would always suggest starting the title with "Arcadia" so I can respond more quickly.
            Have a good day Mucitizens, I wish you an excellent drop on your futures loots.

            Mucitizens do not forget that you can also send a ticket with any kind of issue through


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              where is webzen ??
              4 to 5 months the guy is lvl 1000+.

              and still have the courage to go from Hack to a pvp event.

              That's why pvp has fewer people each day.

              it's a filthy, rubbish, worm.

              gonna play lol, wow.
              use hack elsewhere.

              while this guy is going to hack pvp, I don’t play ARKA anymore.

              WEBZEN HELP us.


              I'll open a ticket too.
              help us with this guy.

              or ARCADIA can die.


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                Metasploit - HACK

                everyone knows he's a hack!

                use in pvp, there is stupidity!


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                  Do not do it!

                  too ugly!

                  If you don't know how to play pvp, just don't play!
                  MU TUBE - AprendiZ

                  Jesus is the King !


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                    even when webzen this hacker Metasploit!

                    4 months of server look at the lvl look at the difference in exp!

                    1099 - Metasploid - 25,465,912,086,613 EXP
                    911 - AmpueroDL - 4,273,375,131,442 EXP


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                      Ticket SEND = 416804

                      note the difference in exp between Metasploid and 2 in the AmpueroDL rank.

                      using 200% hack. everyone in arcadia knows that Metasploid is a hacker!