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  • Dark Elf clarification

    Hello! I

    I'm wondering if someone could give me official information on the dark elf (trainee) spawn time? I have looked at previous forum posts. Many people say 3 hours, some people have said 4 or 6 hours. I have been waiting for the dark elf for 3.5 hours now and it hasn't spawned yet.

    Also, this isn't the focus of this forum topic, but I could have sworn I saw that I had completed the quest at one point. I saw it had 1/1 in green writing. But then I left the map, and it said 0/1 in red writing. I can't really report this properly because I didn't think to take a screenshot, but if anyone has seen that before please reply here.

    Anyhow, I mainly just wish to know about the dark elf spawn time.

    Thanks for your time.


    UPDATE: My quest said 0/1 for elf even though it died. I talked to Devin anyway. But I could complete the quest. I know without screenshot, I don't have evidence. But I thought I should mention this in case people go AFK and think they havent killed dark elf. I didn't think to screenshot it sorry! Feel free to close/delete this thread!
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