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Items dissapear in chaos machine

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  • Items dissapear in chaos machine

    ​​​​​​Please administrators ,gms check my ticket items black fenrir and stones dissapear from chaos machine when remove them ,dont can, help me
    check my ticket 411826 please and help me
    recover black fenrir and stones

    2.too my wings of eternal+9 dissapear ago 2 mounth and i not have answer how this is possible please i need help have a lot of time waiting check my ticket 411984 too please i wait help and recover all my items dissapear
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    any administrator gm need help


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      Have 1 mounth and my ticket still appears open!!!!!!!!beed back my items dissapear in chaos machine when i remove from it dont can !!!!

      restore my items dissapear in chaos machine check my tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      my items dissapear and no have help!!!!!!! how this is possible i spend a lot of money for this?????


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        I would like to help with Item Restoration requests, because it doesn't seem like anything is actually processed. I have inquired many times about many players cases whom still have no item restored for months and I always get same answer. I am not sure what else I can do to actually make it happen.

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          can help me??? plss chech my ticlet plss