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DC Issue Continues.. and compensation goes

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  • DC Issue Continues.. and compensation goes

    I thought that the compensation means that the issue is over, but server keeps disconnecting....
    Please fix the issue asap.. and by the way regarding compensation..

    If you are losing:
    -Gold Channel Ticket
    -Talisman of Ascension III
    -Master Seal of Wealth
    -Master Seal of Ascension II
    -Seal of Healing
    -Pet Panda
    -Ring Panda Pink
    -Bles of Light Greater 200%
    -Various other boosts like AG, Scroll of Strength, Defense, Health and many more....

    I dont want to calculate the cost of each, but do you really think that losing above... can be compensated by Gold channel 3 days and 5 Bols?
    Do you even know how game works?
    Compensation goes to everyone by the way, not only to those who pays.

    I think somebody owes us a comment on that, isnt it?!

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    Webzen is the best! Totally made up for the fact that I was using every seal/buff known to mankind to level up. I also only lost 20 BoLs or so due to DCs over the past week, glad they were able to give 5! /sarcasmoff
    I'm training a BK...please don't KS me!


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      I am going to act like the Devil's Advocate but no one told you guys to use buffs/scrolls if you noticed something wrong was going on with the servers.
      It's been acting up for over a week now sooo. :P


      • MoogleBear
        MoogleBear commented
        Editing a comment
        I have 30 day seals activated. Let me know how to pause them and I would have done that

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      I see that you have joined in 2009, but despite that you don't know that seals can be used for 30 days...?
      Anyway, valid point, but we don't know when the problem is solved, sometimes u can play 4 hours without a problem, sometimes not even 10 minutes..


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        I am joking guys, relax.
        But on that note I have never bought anything in Mu with real money so, yeah I don't know how things work.


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          Agreed that the compensation is unfair to those who spent so much in-game, but look on the bright side. This is better than not providing anything at all like other previous issues.
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