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How do I reset Master Tree?

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  • How do I reset Master Tree?

    Please let me know. Thanks

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    You can buy the Gray Oblivion in webshop to reset your ml tree.


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    I can't find it on the x shop. Maybe because I'm level 330?


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      I would also like to redefine my trees. I was told that in-game quest with this function have been disabled. Two means remain, through the official store, or any player who fulfills the 800 level quest, who receives this gray oblivion as a prize and prefers to sell it.


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        You can still find all of the [Sealed Scroll of Oblivion] on the website item shop. You just have to select the "premium" tab to see these items.

        [Web Shop] -> [Premium Tab]

        Otherwise, players seem to be reporting that the in-game quest which you could get extra reset scroll from was removed from the game. I am not 100% sure the quest was removed. That would leave just the 4th Class Quest which you would be able to get a free reset scroll.

        Prior to Season 14, you were able to get them from the [Shadow Phantom Soldier] quests: [Deleting Memory, first], [Deleting Memory, second], [Deleting Memory, third], and [Last Chance]. These quests were only available to start and complete while your character is greater than [Level 410], but less than [Level 450].

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