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Is this game alive?

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  • Is this game alive?

    The short version is that I'm an old player thinking of returning (used to play Wigle/Helheim) with my outdated gear and level. But before I commit to this game once again I would very much like to know if this game is "alive" and not just filled with multiple afk accounts of just a handful of players.

    The longer version of this is that I've played MU for several years a while ago. I remember playing Wigle in the time when dupped excellent brass sets and blades were the "meta" and I also remember being all excited when I grinded my way to level 180 and got of the ground with my +0 Satan wings. I also remember the introduction of atlans, tarkan and combos for a blade knight. I remember farming Icarus with my low gear hunting for Loch's feahers, I remember CS before Rage Fighters and master levels were introduced. I remember hitting 400 which was the max level without any master levels and endless PK throughout the times (lorencia pot girl to devias gate to tarkan). I quit some time before ML was introduced then came back for a rather short time and got my blade knight to blade master 500+ with a mediocre to decent set. After some time I quit the game for good. Now the game has apparently changed significantly (for me) and I'm willing to commit to getting back. But what I fear the most is that this game is dead with old players completelly gone and the game pretty much being run by duppers or plain p2p walls. What's the state of the game and is there anyone around here from "the old days" who can share their opinion?

    I would also appreciate it if someone from helheim would be willing to chat about the game and its mechanics as I have so much to catch up on and frankly mu has never been good with guides.

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    Hi Kovinis, welcome back. Yeah the game is alive and kicking. I came back recently after a hiatus of about a year and there still are many old players as well as new ones enjoying the game. The new season was introduced recently and a new character came along: the rune mage. Also a server merge has taken place which means that Midgard is now almost as crowded as Helheim. I think that Mu is faring better than Mu Legend because that game was sold (perhaps only certain rights) to Valofe recently. So far I've been enjoying the game and I hope you'll have a similar experience.