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  • baa weapon repair


    Is there a big difference in repairing weapons with jol options +0 and +12 i mean costs of repair?
    now I have +12 jol weapon and I'm wondering whether to take the risk and try to do the option on +0 when i have a lucky

    and next question: whether JOH options in weapons increase repair costs very high?

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    Someone will help? I have same questions


      Editing a comment
      Yes there is a big difference on weapons with 0 and 12 jol options, I'm using 11+16 and when I afk at dd1 for 6 hours the repair cost is 200+m npc repair, more higher cost if I manually repair it..

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    Only jewels of life can get you in trouble for cost repair of zen..

    It is highly noticeable the rapid zen lose if you are in a must higher maps etc start in ferea.. The more frequent monster hits you and deal big damage onto you the more the durability of the arsenals gets its tolls.. (neither you max the MT duri arsenals 20/20 or not it still get you lose your zen rapidly)

    If you make it +16 you got triple the repair cost.. It is true some said.. By checking this fact is, by going into npc and see the tag price of your BAA from +0 jol to +16.
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      JOL +0 OPT in BAA Weapons doesnt reduce the zen consumption.