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NEW !!!advantage exploiting bug ( some players ) GM PLZ READ IT!

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  • NEW !!!advantage exploiting bug ( some players ) GM PLZ READ IT!

    Hi, Some players in ELDORADO are abusing some bug.
    They Buy BOLS IN NPC ( BOUND )
    they are breakin the market. Plz GM DO SOMETHINK ( bols was 3b each ) now is 10bol = 5b
    THEY ARE ABUSING, and acourd to politics of webzen they need be banned!!!!


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    It's not a bug, it's possible to get both bound and non-bound BOLs from eldorado Moss, although the latter are rarer.


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      Also it's not "destroying" the market, lowering the prices is good.


      • Maxwellf0da
        Maxwellf0da commented
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        brother if you dont know what to talk plz dont talk...
        some ppl discovery a bug, when you transfer itens BOUND... THEY BECOMING NO BOUND. understand?
        some players are using it!!!!!!!!!!!
        just log and see. all new characters for sell this itens

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      you dont need to be any genious to understand what is going on!
      plz webzen do somethink.


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        That was a piece of the puzzle, but why jewel of soul value increased? That was the confusing thing.


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          There's no confusion about it. The Jewel of Soul price increased because players understood that giving Moss in Elbeland souls instead of bless is much much more worth. Just think about it:
          1) you want to go to Eldorado from Midgard to make some BoLs
          2) You discover that both bless and souls drop BoLs and they drop the same number of BoLs
          3) change your 100 bless to 2, 3, 5 hundreds souls (whatever) = you're getting 3-4-5 times the number of boxes you shall get with the same "value" in bless (= you'll get more BoLs).

          That difference made people change the price of the soul, making it worth 1 bless = 2 - 3 souls. People try to sell even more BoLs to keep getting jewels for Moss, in an effort to get a Conqueror's Badge and win the lottery.

          Before I finish with my hypothesis, let me tell you this to the ones who are saying it's a bug: IT'S NOT:
          1) They were aware of this side effect that shall cause what we are seeing now in midgard market
          2) All the BoLs I saw in Eldorado (yes, I tried it with some jewels) are not bound, and the ones bound to my char stayed bound all along, even after migrating back to Midgard.

          Now my conclusion.

          Webzen calculated it all since the beginning. They created this possibility to let players spend their jewels and receive experience buffs. Some of them will make out of it a bigger economy if they wait, but most of the people keep trying to get that freaking Badge, trying to sell all the BoLs they get to make more jewels and keep giving them to Moss. The biggest problem I see now in Midgard is that there won't be any possible market until the 26th of november, when the merge will occur, because people only thinks about going to Moss and spend all their jewels. In addition, Webzen is trying to eliminate all the chars beyond the main char in every account, to help delete some duped items that are still in the server. But this last thing will be useless since people can create more accounts to store their duped items in vaults.
          Don't blame Webzen for this "bug" you are reporting, blame the greedy players and the human nature that inevitably brought the game to this sickness that will last for the next few weeks.

          GMs, if someone of you (Soulless or anyone) sees and reads this, tell me what you think about it.


          • Maxwellf0da
            Maxwellf0da commented
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            is a advantage exploiting about this NON BUG. the problem is it, ppl change to eldorado / midgard / eldorado / midgard
            just to use moss... you see the real problem? if it is legal WHY WE NO HAVE THIS MOSS HERE?

          • Ichibollo
            Ichibollo commented
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            The thing is that we have Moss in Midgard, with the difference that he accepts 1kk zen (for crappy rewards) or miracle coins. They made this Moss in Eldorado to convince people to begin playing there, but it seems their plan didn't work when the new realm of Eldorado was born.
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          This is not ok if you are not a paying customer and you just got a cheat program to have infinite tickets back-and-forth towards realms.

          First, of, I have not against this kind of event, it is very big benefits for those pay-players in midgard to invest miracle coins in eldorado then transfer the goods in back to midgard..

          It is hard to buy and collect jewels. Unless you are buying those jewels from the blackmarkets.

          The real problem here is whether those players who go temporary transfer back-in-forth did actually pays? lots of wcoins? to do this kind of exploiting..

          Anyone can send CS ticket about this.. And hopefully, webzen will post something irregularities about it.. If they did not post it means they gain many profits by this kind of exploits because paying players spent money just to temporary transfer jewels characters into eldorado just to take advantage of this exploits..
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          • Ichibollo
            Ichibollo commented
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            Until 26th of november ALL the accounts have an item buyable from the X-Shop which allows you to transfer chars from midgard to Eldorado and vice versa. This item is actually buyable 5 times, so you can transfer (for example) all your chars you made in Eldorado to Midgard, to avoid losing them all when the merge occurs. So I did this without any cheats or hacks, and without buying jewels form blackmarket. I created my small economy farming jewels and trading with patience with players. Then, when I realize I could exploit this thing, I just did it and used all my jewels. That's all. I already sent a ticket to CS to stop this merge but I had not understood it properly.
            So I am the proof that you can do this even withut cheats, hacks or wcoins.

          • ClaireVic
            ClaireVic commented
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            Good for you. What about others?

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          It was webzen's lack of provisions that created this mess.

          You don't need to pay coins to transfer items/jewels, you just need to make a new account and level up to 10 (so that you can go to elbeland and talk to moss) which takes like 10 minutes with all those new spots in lorencia.

          This shouldn't be a thing and I'm staying away from this mess. There is no telling who webzen is going to screw over next.


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            Guys I hadn't understood this 'til yesterday. I discovered that Webzen is eliminating all the chars from one realm, the one that each account played the least. So they created the server trasnfer item free to let the players migrate all the chars to their most played realm and avoid losing all the chars when the merge comes.
            In the end, I thought they were doing something good to solve the duped items problem in Midgard, but they're not doing anything about this. So bad.