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    to be registered for migration in November the log in records from April 1 are recorded just by logging in your account on the website or do the charecters of that account need to log into the game also. thank you

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    In-game time is always counted only when a character logged into the game, character selection screen doesn't count.

    If you don't have characters on the other realm, you don't need to do anything and you shouldn't try to migrate manually, trying to do anything could only screw yourself up.

    If you have characters in both midgard and eldorado in the same account, you are advised to delete characters from one of the realm down to a single one and clear the vault (only the items on that remaining character can be preserved), and leave open at least one character slot on the main realm. Thus you will be able to transfer that lone character to join your main realm during the migration procedure. This is because only characters and vault of a single realm will be kept, you will have to transfer your character to that realm if you want to keep characters in both realms (and you can only transfer 1 character per account for free this way). This is because when one realm has no characters, it's login time will become zero such that the other realm with characters will be selected under all circumstances.


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      If people read better the announcements and item descriptions (even if it's very hard with those crappy translations and bad english) you would know that server transfer is a X-Shop item usable 5 times. Yes, you buy it, you use it as they tell you to do, you get back in the game and you can buy it again 4 more times.

      So, if you participated in speed events for the new server Eldorado and don't want to lose your character(S), once you are sure about which realm you played the most since april 2019 just take all the chars you want to keep and transfer them to that server.

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