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authoritarianism! webzen doesn't respect their customers

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  • authoritarianism! webzen doesn't respect their customers

    That was the response I received for trying to recover my account. This is how we are being treated. No respect, no attention. Violating their own policies and deciding completely authoritatively. Trying to shut up a customer.

    They are violating the GDRP data protection laws we all signed up to during the account update period. They are now threatening me with the suspension of my account by submitting tickets for recovery of my account.


    Thank you for contacting the MU Online Support Team.

    We appreciate you taking the time to contact us about this issue. We regret to inform you that we cannot be of any assistance in this case according to our policy.

    Please take note that further tickets regarding this matter will be considered as duplicate and will be provided with the same response. More so, tickets sent with the same content will be marked as spam and will cause your account to be suspended.

    Thank you for understanding.

    Best Regards,
    MU Online Support Team"

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    What's new. This type of response is usually due to a violation committed. Possibility of recovering your account is zero nowadays.
    Rant stats up by 300% when seeing illogical posts or comments.


    • XGPTx71
      XGPTx71 commented
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      Friend If you find it normal to be threatened with suspension for requesting the unlocking of your account, then you are colluding with that kind of attitude.

    • ShutangShinaMeskI
      ShutangShinaMeskI commented
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      It's not normal that's for sure, but I never encountered that response since I never actually spam them ever since my account got blocked for a reason that is mostly impossible for me to do. I mean, this type of post are not new since other players also encountered the same response and frankly, they admitted that they submitted more than one ticket just to insist that they did nothing wrong. In the end, some of them just quit the game while others just created a new account.