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  • ha ee set buff

    im thinking about reaching the maxium damage for my arf so i want to buy my ee a aha ee set since my pt of amg, 2x arf, and ee is 10 lvls away from 800. The problem is i dont understand how much extra damage the set will provide. I do remember ba ee set with 7% dmg buff gave my amg about 10% additional xdmg. Ha ee set has 35%, 5x, so will i get 5x the amount of xdmg?

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    ruud ee set improve EE skills, if you buff your character without ruud set it will improve x% dmg and def

    if you put aba ee, it will improve x% * 1.07 (7%)

    same way you using aha ee... x% * 1.35 (35%)

    if you calculate it will be (1.35)/(1.07).... the damage from aba to aha incresase 26,16% it wont be 5x (500%)
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      yeah i think what you said proved my point

      my amg deals 7000 xdmg to acheron mobs with ee buff ( no ancient set ). 7700 with ABA ee set on so thats 10% increase in xdmg with 7% buff increase from ABA ee set

      AHA ee has 35% buff increase ( 35/7=5, so 5x more ), so the math is 7000 + ( 5 x 700) = 10500 xdmg

      so its acutally ALOT of dmg increased

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    no dude... see the math...

    7000 + 1.07x is 7490 (forget about exe dmg)

    if you do the same math for aha ee

    7000 + 1.35x is 9450

    9450/7490 é 26,16%... not 5x


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      but why did my amg with 7000 xdmg went to 7700 xdmg when my ee has aba ee set?