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  • Newbie looking for friends / Guild

    Hi! I just started playing last Monday and is currently level 173 BK. I'm looking for friends and possibly a guild who can teach me about the new contents in-game. The last time I played was in 2005 when MU was still available here in the Philippines and it was p2p so I quit at level 90 because I can no longer afford to buy game cards being a high school student. I hope I can meet new friends in-game I just enjoy playing old school MMORPGs and I was fascinated to see that MU still has it running up to now. Somehow I manage to get some jewels from the event monsters and was able to buy some decent stuff. I hope there still are people who would like to help newbies like me to get started in-game. BTW I'm an English Teacher from the Philippines so communication won't be a problem so feel free to message me or mail me in-game just for talks since its quite boring to just watch my character during MU Helper. I hope to meet more of you guys in game

    IGN: GwaPonce
    Race: Blade Knight
    Server: Midgard

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    Hi, I suggest you to play in Alfheim because it has a greater number of player from Philippines.


    • MoogleBear
      MoogleBear commented
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      If you re-make on Alfheim, I can give you low level BK stuff to start again.

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      Bro I can help you also with some old ancient items(hyon etc) that I have.

    • GwaPonce
      GwaPonce commented
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      Oh ok it seems like you're that eager to help I guess I better start leveling in Alfheim now and thank you for your help BTW
      I'll be remaking my character now so that you will be able to send me a mail in game my IGN will still be GwaPonce thank you and nice meeting you guys

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    I mailed you on Alfheim