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    Hello. I put 3000 w coin to buy mistery Stone to add option in one of the weapon and, doing that, i recieved purple option and o try add 2nd Stone inside of the weapon and disappear my option

    I have trouble/doubts about It

    To have permanent item i need Luck + 3 options right? But adding Stones, disappeared the options (Lucky). I thougt It was accumulative, isnt? Can someone clarify? I Lost 2 Stones for nothing

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    To make the timed ba-weapon permanent you need to get 3opt+L when using a stone, yes.

    Until you get those 3 opt+L everything can happen. The excellent options can change to anything and the purple option can come and go for every stone you drop - and it will still be a timed weapon unless you get those 3opt+L (+15stat+L on set-items).

    When you have a permanent weapon with just 2opt (Luck or no luck) those excellent options can change when you drop a stone on the item (better or worse options) - and you can get or lose a purple option.

    The excellent options only remain if you have xdmg+speed+lvl+L(x+15stats+L on set-items) - thats considered "a perfect item" and you cant lose those options if you drop a stone on the item. In that case the stone will only add or delete purple option. If you get, lets say, all stats+10 and want to get a higher option you risk losing the stats+10 option when you drop a new stone on the weapon.



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      For BA weapon it would still turn into permanent if you got 3exc opt and no luck.

      The chance to get maximum option is 0.5% per stone if I remember correctly.


      • Dixman
        Dixman commented
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        During the event period they boosted the chance to get max options.
        If my calculation are correct, there's a 2% chance to get max stats during the event period...
        Still bad but much better than 0,5%.

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      If u get all stat 40 and put myst stone can dissapear too ?


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        I just want to have an opening statement. This mysterious stone for me now is a waste of money.. Why?

        1st It cannot anymore compete for the in-game value price.. Some players (or maybe dupers) sellings less cheap bless for it..
        2nd It is random success rate of getting what you want..

        Ok back to topic.

        Buying mysterious stone and using it only for the event time-limit-bloodangel is just a waste of money..

        You will get permanent bloodangel weapons if you acquired 3 options or luck+3option.
        For set armory, you can permanent own it if you acquired +luck+15 stat

        Ancient weapon mastery options combination can be:
        excellent dmg+lvDmg+%dmg and etc. As long as excellent dmg is the base + additional 2 option.

        That I mention above if you are interested in having that event-time-limit-bloodangel permanently..

        So now, below is different..

        Upon acquiring the max option of ancient mastery it will be also permanent and cannot be changed. e.g (weapon Luck+ 3option or amory set Luck+15sta)
        Adding another mysterious stone cannot change anymore the ancient mastery max option BUT adds extra pink option.
        Link for pink option or bonus option for ancient mastery >>

        Special Note:

        Just be careful about weapon.. before adding another mysterious stone make sure that your mastery weapon has luck+3option (which is equivalent to max option for ancient weapon mastery)..

        Also, recent complain about upgrading your soul mastery to frost mastery removes the pink option..

        Pink option = Bonus option for ancient mastery..
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        • Quelocono
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          But the pink always can change? ej: Weapon rate and mana but with all stats 40 if u put myst stone can dissapear pink option ? or u always have pink all stat 40

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        Originally posted by Quelocono View Post
        But the pink always can change? ej: Weapon rate and mana but with all stats 40 if u put myst stone can dissapear pink option ? or u always have pink all stat 40
        It will change.. because you still do not have the main max option of ancient mastery..

        I can confirm that if you have ancient mastery in max option.. It will not anymore change the main option of ancient mastery..

        I cannot confirm this pink option behavior. What I can confirm from recent complaints here in the forum that the pink option was removed upon upping soul mastery to frost mastery..

        But from webzen's official guide

        Mastery Bonus Option
        What is Bonus Option?
        You can add All stat increase option to Mastery Weapons, and Damage Reduction Option to Mastery Sets! There are 3 bonus options available:
        Weapon: All Stat +10 / +25 / +40
        Set: Damage Reduction +25 / +50 / +75
        How to obtain Bonus Option?
        You may obtain a Bonus Option when you:
        ① Use Mysterious Stone on Mastery Weapon/Set.
        ② Purchase the 1st Mastery Weapon from Priest James.
        ③ Unlock the 1st Sealed Mastery set.
        ④ Combine a Mastery Weapon/Set.
        Note: bonus options are random and you may not obtain bonus option as well.
        You can't use a Mysterious Stone on an item with the maximum option and the maximum bonus option.
        Official link?