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Why no1 buy Archangel´s Hammer

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  • Why no1 buy Archangel´s Hammer

    Hi there, any1 can tell why no1 buy Archangel´s Hammer?

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    Because there's already a lot of Blessed weapons in circulation on the market.
    I'm training a BK...please don't KS me!


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      I will be assuming you are selling a hammer. And rich people ignore upgrading their season newly included LANCE! RF GLOVES! RUNE MACE Archangel weapons ^^

      Or maybe they stockpile their hammer for this kind of event


      • Rflocooo
        Rflocooo commented
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        Yes im selling 1, but when i serch on market dont see any1 else selling it, thats why i ask, thanks guys for you coments

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      it does not drop in game at the moment lol

      for few years now


      • ClaireVic
        ClaireVic commented
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        True it is no more drop.. But pro hunters collect and stock their collections as many as they can before it stops dropping. Even rich individual players obtained 50k bless in their accounts.. How much more than a single hammer?

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      I would buy it if I could use it like any other weapon with skill! Looking cool is my name, and being unique is my game!