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socket weapon repair cost rant

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  • socket weapon repair cost rant

    a pair socket weapons for my amg goes 0 durability in dd2 in a matter of wtf???

    webzen needs to UPDATE the duration of their socket weapon durability, its not "Oh if you dont have money, then dont use it" .Its a old system that shouldve been changed LONG ago but they never did.

    socket weapons were suppose to be the strongest weapon in the game due to how hard it is to make ss, they shouldve released lvl 600 and 800 socket weapons LOOOONG ago. Imagine blast break, horn, spite staff, etc etc...It wouldve opened up much more effective/creative ways to pick weapons, but now, its all about the next ruud weapons.

    webzen...fix your sh1t.

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    durability is fast to deplete at dd, when I afk my amg here I activate the auto repair to ensure my survival in this map. I'm using an 11+16 and 9+16 swords in dd2.


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      but before i afk at dd i make sure to afk and farm zen first using my asura 0+16 and xda +0 zen set

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    Why u complaining then?? You should be happy wtf is wrong with you? U retarted or what?


    • OHmyGOD
      OHmyGOD commented
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      ther real "retart" here is you.

      the "repair system" in this game shouldve been updated LONG ago, its a very OLD system, but webzen never did. Whats the point of having pro gears if you cant use it? Its already hard enough to obtain them so why do you need to "go bankrupt" to use them?...

      if you think its ok to do so, then ur "retarted".

    • RF540
      RF540 commented
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      the PRO items is for Killing Boss wtf whats wrong with your head?