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  • BladeMaster Skill Question..

    Hi.I am a Blade Master lvl 618.At the Tree Bravery there is an option to either put 10Points on BloodStorm or Rush,or if you want both.But i only want to use 1Skill only.The skill i use is FireBlow.I am killing Monster in Ferea.So the thing is i want a skill that can attack many Monsters at Once.Which one is better in terms of killing Monster Quick or should i stick to killing 1-2 at a time with Fireblow instead of putting points in those skills?

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    Rush skill is useless in pvm unless you are energy hybrid (energy 800+), it is mostly pvp and the BK version of teleport. It cost 200AG per cast, which is impractical unless with special setup.

    Bloodstorm is AoE attack but it is underpowered and discontinued.

    At your level you should not waste your points on them.

    To hit multiple monsters your best bet below Lv840+ is probably the strengthened deathstab, but it has high casting cost.


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      All those skills are useless for PVM..

      Rush for PVP

      Bloodstorm is for PVP also, that delay the accuracy in attempting a combo. (but useless)

      BK DO NOT HAVE AOE skill.. Only very useful for PVM is fireblow..


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        Dragon Knight does have it you can strengthen rageful blow to make it hit 3 times +1 (same as ruud skill) and increase the attack range to 4, but level need to exceed 825.

        Deathstab also have a decent effect area after it is strengthened in MST. It is more useful than fireblow in devil square for example.

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        I appreciate the Respond.Very usefull information!Thanks.