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  • Zenev
    started a topic Skill Spec.Atk Spec.Question.

    Skill Spec.Atk Spec.Question.

    Does Upgrading Physical Damage,attack Power and Strength Points from Master Tree Affect my Skill damage and make me hit higher with my *Blow* Spell for Blade Master?

  • Forumnick1
    commented on 's reply
    Hey man. I am curious; What do you suggest to spend the extra points on MST? I mean, I agree with you about optimal point distribution on atk power skills and stats skills but I am left with quite a few points that I don't know where to put on.
    I have enough ag recovery, I have a lot of points in hp, def and pet durability. So I just put the extra points on stats and atk power skills anyway. Could you perhaps suggest a different route for pure str bm? It feels quite wrong to have the stat skills 20/20 xD
    I think I would benefit more somehow with the extra 41 points and I also think some of the other points as well.

  • BBRG
    Of course yes.

    Case in point, it is well worth it when each MST point give you 3 or more ATK power. That means this setup is pretty standard for PvM:
    Wings ATK 13 (+77)
    Weapon Mastery 10 (+32)
    One-handed Sword Mastery 10 (+32)
    Maximum ATK increase 10 (+39)

    These combined gives +180ATK

    At the higher level you may even want to up them to each point +2ATK
    Wings ATK 17 (+86)
    Weapon Mastery 11 (+34)
    Sword Mastery 11 (+34)
    Max ATK 13 (+45)

    That is 9 more points that increase ATK to +199.

    Stat increase is worth it up to Lv10 or Lv13, depend on your plan. Getting 3 or lower stat points per level is generally not worth it except for buffers who seek maximizing the power level of a specific buff (applies to pure EBK, EE, ASM, CDL and pure SGL).
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  • Metalix
    I will say you, you can be hybrid BM str + agi or agi + str type and this is good, i will opt for sbm but some points in agi too, if you use sbm your dmg will be higher, if you opt for be abm, your def and speed will be good but you will need to use Fire Blow as well.
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