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Pay for game optimization.... is this a joke? (Switch Mode)

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    I and someone i know have probolem with switch mode, pc auto restart (sometime ) when 6 acc use switch mode and 1 acc play.


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      At Mu Online Korea is the Switch a paid feature ?


      • Maxi5548
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        Editing a comment
        Translate from the official page:

        "■ SWITCH mode has been added.

        1. Environment setting for SWITCH

        1) Red Server: Free to use (Always apply buffs to game)

        2) Blue Server: Paid use (Switch scroll purchase and use storage)

        -Switch Scroll will be included in the Vitality Package as well as the Gold Channel Ticket."

        Red server is like the GMO, a normal server; and the Blue server is like a speed server with more xp, drop and focus on PVP.

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      So i decided so send a ticket asking witch was the reason to put the switch mode and that was the aswer. Honestly i think if we a good bunch of people start to sending ticket to ask webzen to put the switch mode for free, we probably have a SMALL CHANCE to they listen us. So i gonna ask nicely and please to anyone who is reading this, to send a ticket asking for this, dont be indifferent for this situation, THIS WILL HELP A LOT TO YOUR PC AND ALSO SAVE MONEY IN YOUR NEXT LIGHT BALLOT.
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        Waiting for your tickets guys.


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          As the game has an old engine should be free this optimizer


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            Better they leave this feature p2p than they let f2p servers filled with farmers. It is already a big issue that most low level good spots are taken by afk farmers. New players really got no chance to fight with them for decent spots as these farmer stats/build/items are so optimized for profit.

            But, perhaps f2p switch on in loren market can be a thing, but this can cause the event server to lag so it can be dangerous.


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              This is it, I'm done with dis gaem.


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                Come on people, we need to insist about this so everyone will be benefited. Dont make Goku sad