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Webzen - adm gm management - protest!!!!!

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    I'm very upset with webzen!
    they only think about profiting!
    money and money!
    pay pay,
    it's complicated!

    Simple thing is to return the old pvp, not back!
    complicated, continue in this game.
    buggy pay to win game, and item doubled, people using hack.

    #back old pvp


    Please, follow the Channel. Thank you.
    MU is GMO, the rest is Crap.

    Por favor , Sigam o Canal. Obrigado.
    MU é GMO, o resto é lixo.


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      Believe me, no one will reply you.
      Why have to pay and play a shit, which make we stressed, make your computer break ???
      We play game, don't allow it to play us.
      I just removed this shit and play in legend mu server for 6 months. And, I'm happy with that server.
      Someone will said you are a stupid , you are paying for a illegal server, it may be closed any time. But who care ??? They think you will get money back from webzen.
      GMO is for trader and player who was paid very much money to that, they can not quit (because they don't want to lose they money ) ). With new player, I think you guys should find another private server.


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        guys, let's make some noise on facebook!
        let's go to the webzen!



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          We wait more 10 years


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            It didnt work, did it?
            Better quit for good, as i did, thats my advice.
            I will be very surprise if they ever change the pvp system.


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              Nobody will QUIT.. because they can make a profits out of webzen's iron fist policy. Black-marketing is alive and striving in GMO compared to private Mu online ^^

              Selling 960b for 50$ is a good profit.