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Account Blocked. Telling things how they are. we were robbed.

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  • Account Blocked. Telling things how they are. we were robbed.

    One more time Webzen make us fool and after create an Cash Event they block everybody who did spend money to play this event. They like any excuses to do this, probably was a video of a player who apparently was doing something illegal, maybe they put something in the new character that make the character strongest that the other and everybody was leveling up fast and now they want to fix that because is no good for their economy (how they say), or probably it was just an assault pre-meditated to make some easy money. We did spend at least $30 each and maybe there were about 300 players ( I have no idea but maybe are a lot more) so, is a good money. some people spend ore than $100 , just imaging. They did this in the past and we never did something. I think we believe that Webzen is a serious Big Company who has a lot of power and we can do nothing to claim some rights. I was Blocked years ago doing nothing, actually I was rbbed for an scammer and when I made the ticket denouncing this scammer, they block me also. I think is time for a Sue, I had DC before this ban that make me lost at least 3 days of gold, Every Dc was after i activate BOLs like if there was a Bug or they programing the game to reboots after we click a OL, because this things in the game, this bugs, are create for them, , this game is a programming game where all that happen is create for them. we are scammed all the time. robbed, we had no rights. so, what we go to do now? we are just lot of vicius ignorants who are ok losing a lot of money because we are scare of this pseudo professional company? when are they go to start to have some respect for us, because after all this years we never leave the game. they just mock us and we are ok with that.

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    Webzen pay to win!


    Please, follow the Channel. Thank you.
    MU is GMO, the rest is Crap.

    Por favor , Sigam o Canal. Obrigado.
    MU é GMO, o resto é lixo.


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      0 recompense for massive dc and im sure 0 recompense for this massive ban haha, and question is how long we have wait to make a information. In other games if something goes wrong we have information in 1 h. 570 rune bye bye and 100++ euro


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        account blocked!! ticket 375756


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          Hello. Lets move this topic into a single thread. I have opened a new thread (sticky thread in Gen. Discussion) to compile the complaints

          I will close this topic. Please continue discussion here:

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