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  • best BK, EE, SM BUILDS

    so i just created my new 3 accounts of bk, ee, and sm

    but looking at the forums, it seems like bk and sm have different builds than back in season 7. I remember my old bk had 1k str and 1kenergy, is this build still viable?

    for sm, im planning on going full energy but the lack of agility for my sb might prevent my pt from going to higher lvl maps like dd, so i thought maybe i should go with 500-600 agi for decent soul barrier and reset energy...

    need PRO advice.

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    for bm is 1.2k (about) str to use fire blow


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      SM - Levelling - 1160 energy, 300ish str for awa +9 and baa. / rest agility
      SM - PVP 1300ish ene, 300-360 str for baa/xha staff max / rest agility
      Sm - Hunt - 1073 energy, 300ish str for set/baa and rest agility.


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        im having trouble figuring out the best bk build.

        My bk will be in pt with ee buff, NOT soloing. So i need to know if str-ene build ( 1k-1k ) is still the best for it. Some pros are saying going energy "doesnt make sense anymore" but i remember back in season 8-9 1k/1k bk build was still the best because ee buff will give you more dmg if you go that build, plus, it gives huge swell life for your pt to survive higher maps.

        so should go with as much strength, 3xx agi, base, base or 1k- 1k?....


        • Metalix
          Metalix commented
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          for solo bm is best abm
          for party bm is best killer sbm

        • Forumnick1
          Forumnick1 commented
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          solo bm best is str bm
          even with full agi and 10 10 10 errtels +punish dmg is worse
          for pt I dont know, but I guess ene bm is pretty good if you consider the swell buff
          after lvl 900 str-ene bm becomes better even solo (once u taken the whole chain of master skill enhance)