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A very interesting question for you all

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  • A very interesting question for you all

    so recently something has been bothering me...

    i lost roughtly 620b due to jewel upgrade fail and CM fail.

    i was trying to up 2 aba rf parts to +9 and i had to use over 120b to get them upgraded to +9, this is pretty insane. It failed so many times i got so hurt by how many jewels i lost that i decided to CM my 3rd rf+9+16+ign+luck to +13 to make up the lost. I got the cape to +10 but lost the cape at +11. I bought the cape for about 500b. So in total i lost about 620b...

    this lost hurt me greatly and i couldnt sleep for a couple of nights since. I havent lost a single...let me repeat, a SINGLE bless since 2018. This is the first lost ive had since then and i cant take it. When my cape failed i thought of quitting the game, but i overcame that thought and continued to play.

    although this bitterness did affect me greatly theres a slight joy in my heart that taught me to be more smart about wealth building. I guess i can say i paid 620b and learned a valuable lesson in game and life: dont gamble, dont let emotion control your decisions, and be very decisive in using your wealth on EVERYTHING.

    1ft bless is roughly 20-30$ on alfheim, my question for you all is, WOULD YOU PAY 20$ TO GET THAT 620B BACK???

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    What do you expect from chaos goblin and GMO? A magic. Even the top spenders wasted alot of investment trying to get their desired items.

    My set armory are still +9

    but my 4th wings sm is +15 because i was lucky buying the sale rare item ticket 5.

    It is not worth everything So reckless. I mean EVERYTHING. Buying from reckless doing.


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      That's not to be bothered i believe, because if you really have to translate bless into cash, one day working earn you much more than that, in whatever the age, unless you live in a really really poor country or are disabled.

      And earning that in the game can be either easy or difficult, depending on how much you know about the game, not kidding.