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webzen customer service are crazy

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  • webzen customer service are crazy

    i have a bug i bought reset fruits
    i wanted to reset my strgl to a aggl lvl857
    i bought before last update and after i am missing 3 fruits to finish

    so i bought 1 tried to use it but when i click on it i dc the game instantly so i bought another maybe that fruit is bugged but nope the second as well dcs me
    so sent a ticket

    they replied by email to send more information so i did basicaly the same thing and resent the info and again they sent me a email asking the same thing
    so after i go check my ticket history and my first ticket is closed wow!

    after the second ticket same thing exacly ticket closed
    so i sent another ticket 3rd time no choice and they sent me a email litteraly threatening me to stop sending tickets maybe even banning me totaly

    they wont fix the bug they say issue is resolved like wtf how can it be resolved when i still getting dced instantly

    all i want is for them to fix the bug to play the game is this asking too much

    since a hybrid gl is useless and i have wcoins wasting away and there is nothing to do

    so if i send another ticket i risk getting banned

    ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE play at your own risk imagine all the money and you reach lvl 900++ and get a bug that you cant play anymore and they say TOO BAD !

    what would you do?

    amazing i am flabergasted !

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    Same issue with my friend. He purchased reset fruit by he keeps disconnecting when using the item. He also send ticket but still in-progress. Hope it will be fix soon.


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      if at least they would say under invistagation or looking into it at least make a effort but i think my days as a gl are numbered already transfered all to other characters and slowly sell of items
      actualy i should be thanking them i will be saving money no need to level him up anymore


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        Are you talking about the reset fruits from xshop? I also need to reset some points, but if you say there is a problem I won't do it now.


        • Sakmeister
          Sakmeister commented
          Editing a comment
          There is a problem! better not purchase reset fruits now.