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Puck up zen without move char? Possible?

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  • Puck up zen without move char? Possible?

    Hi like on subject, is possible collect zen without move char?

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    Pets Panda, Skeleton, Reindeer pick zen within a range automatically


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      This pets can be repair?


      • ClaireVic
        ClaireVic commented
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        No, cannot be repaired. But if you buy from xshop pet panda and when the time it expired, you can still use the pet panda for collecting zen without removing it. The drawbacks are if you remove the expired panda it will never again be mounted and the pet option are disabled but only collecting zen is functional.

        There is market selling non-expire pet but this is same as dino and other pet that will be broke and disappear.

        The range of this pet collecting zen is maybe around 3 range..
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      • Sakmeister
        Sakmeister commented
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        Really, i didn't know that expired pet panda can still use to collect zen. Thanks man!