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Add Elemental Bonus 4th wings Probability

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  • Add Elemental Bonus 4th wings Probability

    Before that, here is the link for 4th wings >

    The thing about is I have an errtel rank 1 lv10 upon wanting to add elemental bonus onto my 4th wings...

    Errtel rank 1 lv10 gives you 95% the success rate of having the elemental option onto your wings...
    Errtel rank 1 lv7 gives you only 50%

    I manage to get 100% success rate by using ETOL 10%(elemental talisma of luck)

    Now I have the perfect ingredient errtel rank 1 lv10+ETOL.

    But the end result it only gives me one option only a default elemental option "Elemental Def(lv:0) increase by 25"
    1. How the heck others manage to get 2 option of elemental bonus into their wings?
    2. Hope there will be a reset for elemental option bonus in the 4th wings soon... Hopefully
    3. The probability is very low or just someone are very lucky..
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    Sadly, it's completely random. As of season XIV there's no way to reset your 4th wing options yet.


    • ClaireVic
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      T_T sob... Just hoping, just like hoping jewel of life option will soon maybe have a reset
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    Chances of geting 2 options is high. Got two options in over half of attepts ( even with errtels +6/7
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      what the... so I am assuming I did the wrong move by upping my errtel to lv10.... tsk

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    Totally random but it’s around 50% if not higher.


    • ClaireVic
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    Pulled from my fan site:

    [Tier 4] [Wings] & [Capes] can be upgraded with [Elemental Wing Option] by combining [Errtel] items with them.

    Additional info
    • [Elemental DEF] option is always bound to the item, when the combination is successful.
    • [Success Rate] increases based on the [Item Level] of the [Rank 1] [Errtel] option.
    • There is a small chance of getting a second [Elemental Wing Option], after a successful combination.
    • There is an increased chance of getting the second [Elemental Wing Option] by using [Errtel] [Rank 2] or [Errtel] [Rank 3] in the combination.
    • There are 8 unique secondary [Elemental Wing Option] possible.
    • Only 2 [Elemental Wing Options] can be bound to a single item.
    • If the combination fails:
      • [Wing]\[Cape] item will not be affected.
      • All ingredient items are destroyed:
        • [Errtel] item
        • [Golden Crests]
        • [Higher Magic Stone]
        • [Zen]
    • If the combination succeeds:
      • [Elemental Wing Option] is added to the [Wing]\[Cape].
      • All ingredient items are consumed:
        • [Errtel] item
        • [Golden Crests]
        • [Higher Magic Stone]
        • [Zen]
    Possible [Elemental Wing Option]
    • The following option is alway bound to an item:
      • [Elemental DEF] [+25]
    • There is a chance that one additional [Elemental Wing Option] will be bound:
      • [13% Chance]:
        • [Elemental DMG] [+20]
        • [Elemental Attack Success Rate] [+5]
        • [Elemental Defense Success Rate] [+5]
        • [Elemental DEF (II)] [+4]
      • [8% Chance]:
        • [Elemental DMG (II)] [+30]
        • [Elemental Attack Success Rate (II)] [+10]
        • [Elemental Defense Success Rate (II)] [+10]
    Add [Elemental Wing Option][Success Rate] Variable
    [Success Rate] increases based on the [Item Level] of the [Rank 1] [Errtel] option.
    • [Rank 1] [+4]: [15% Success Rate]
    • [Rank 1] [+5]: [25% Success Rate]
    • [Rank 1] [+6]: [40% Success Rate]
    • [Rank 1] [+7]: [50% Success Rate]
    • [Rank 1] [+8]: [60% Success Rate]
    • [Rank 1] [+9]: [75% Success Rate]
    • [Rank 1] [+10]: [90% Success Rate]
    Source: [ ]

    Official [Global MU Online] fan site and game guide:


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      Hello, is there any news about Reset / Change option in 4th wings? maybe in season 15 is avaiable? or in coming S14 Part2 ? maybe there was events or items in shop on korean server?


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        Thank you for contacting the MU Online Support Team.

        We appreciate your effort in sending to us your concern. We apologize as we cannot assist you regarding this matter since we do not provide such service yet. It is possible to have an item to change / remove the item, but we cannot guarantee that it will be provided anytime soon. We will still be taking it into consideration. You can check our offcial website, Facebook, and Forum from time to time for any announcement.

        Should there be other concerns or suggestions, feel free to let us know.

        Best regards,
        MU Online Support Team

        here is the reply i got from support i ask about if its possible to change / remove elemental option in the past

        so that mean its possible, but not avaiable yet ?


        • Sakmeister
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          Maybe once the 5th Wing has release, maybe it's possible to modify 4th wing by using cash item(s).

        • ClaireVic
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          wow.. I am hoping they will considered the JOL option. It is a pain in the ass.