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DL vs DW for farming fast jewels/summon scrolls

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  • DL vs DW for farming fast jewels/summon scrolls

    title says it all, i got DK as my main but i feel its not very effiecient in farming scrolls/jewels, so im thinking of creating DW or DL, which you think will be the most efficient in farming? also i plan to get them ancient sets maybe enis full+anub for dw and broy(full)+agnis for the DL. and the best scepter+shields i can afford.

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    for farming scrolls you need a hotspot and kill very fast, for farming jewels like chaos only in dungeon and lost tower the rest of maps have pretty low jewels drop
    set for sm is enis+anubis or anubis+barnake for more dmg
    set for dl i recomend you agnis because broys have pendant and the dl needs lot of mana so you need scepter+mana and pendant+mana


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      Sm is good only at high lvl


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        AE is best because ice arrow is range 8 and can kill in one hit, you just need to boost her AG points using ancient set plus dino +AG, and your kill speed will not be matched in ksing d2 or e3 hotspots, even against level 400+ players they can't ks you. Those 3 spots are ideal for low level farming.

        EMG can be good for d2 hotspot because gigantic can hit monsters blocked by pillers, but AE just kill as fast there because gigantic is only range 6 before level 800+.

        I have multiple pro farming level 300 characters for low level spots and AE is definitely the champion. Cannot lose ks and over 30k kills a day f2p afk 24/7 it's unbeatable.

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        Also I've made some DK farming advice before which should still be relevant.
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