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Unbalanced game continues

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  • Unbalanced game continues

    Repeating myself but whatever

    Game has now reached peak of how unbalanced game is now

    Just look at the new map, its mainly for people who have the luck not to be banned after purchasing hacked errtels. Now imagine people fearing to buy it, because they dont want to be banned, but they hear from others thats this is 99% safe transaction. All the maps for effective levelling need max errtels.

    Whats the point of this game when you dont have hacked errtels and to make legally 3 level errtel is just a pure waste of materials.

    Without proper elemental Defnce and attack you cannot do nothing in this game now including PVP

    IF there is any hope please fill me in

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    Since PVP became obsolete, and the good mini-game were removed/are broken, I have wondered the same as well. "What is the point to keep leveling?" Still hoping for the best though. Maybe a new publisher will come around...?

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      Well, this is a shame. I was between top players when max lvl was 800... Now the cycle repeats again. However Good errtels became a must with actually mob statuses.
      Should be another good things to do without stay lvling up for the etire life? I asked the same question back 10 years ago.


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        I saw few hardcore paying customers really upping errtel to the extreme.. But then again man. it is your risk if you buy dupe items. You been warned not to or else you get ban..

        A price for getting easy items have consequences here in GMO..

        Accept that you got ban because of that. or just love Mu online for something else


        • ProSupport
          ProSupport commented
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          Hahahah, have you read terms and conditions from GMO? They can ban you with or not reason... so...
          That errtel bullshit... you can still get banned from upping legally them, thare is a video from a guy making legal items and still got ban.

        • ClaireVic
          ClaireVic commented
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          Hoping for the best legalize Errtel max.. Not limited to 770

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        You know what.. Webzen should have an event 100% errtel chance up. Or no breaking errtel event...

        Same like they did on No receipts in Seed events, just only spend zen.