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Pc freezing

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  • Pc freezing

    Did someone encountered that kinda problem?
    when i click play in launcher my whole system is frozen and only thing i can do is restart

    i swear to god, i have no problem with games like gta 5 or witcher 3 and my pc is confused when im trying to launch mu onlinr lol

    windows 7 if that helps

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    Have you tried to close all of unneccessary running processes (from task manager)? Could be an issue with other running program and MU client.


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      Try launching the english client if that helps.

      From my experience over 90% of computer crashes were hardware issue. Stress test the CPU and memory using OCCT is the first thing I'd do.

      It is possible that when gameguard start scanning your buses and a faulty bus caused the crash. This can be caused by a faulty motherboard or connection (loose/bad sockets or cables). Even an unused USB device connected can cause it due to the way how gameguard scan the system.


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        like i wrote before, i have absolutely no issues with modern games, only with 'ancient' mu online