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How do i report someone for ks?

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  • How do i report someone for ks?

    I have played mu for about 3 weeks.And there's always someone come to my spot for ks.

    i don't have any great gears.

    What should i do lol

    Is there any way to report or something?

    It actually bothers me a lot .

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    Nothing, ks is part of the game, you have a lot of spot, of course there are not the best but still you can get exp.


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      You can't report for KS, KS is part of the game unfortunately. If you can't win the ks you should change of spot.



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        now it pisses you off but when you get stronger there is nothing better to kick someones ass when they start to ks you and then run away like babies

        you will kick some butt and luv it

        now i welcome a ks i actualy luv a good ks lol really do when i overwelm them i sometimes even use a noob weapon so they wont go away lol

        but as long as you will lose it will most likely boil your blood

        my advice get stronger and then one day it will be Payback time

        keep a list of names 1 day u will need a spot and then it will be your turn to ks

        have fun



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          Always hunt in those spots where you can kill mobs in 1-2 hits. And range char is always the best choice as when you can kill mobs in 1-2 hits with long range skill, they will not try to ks you as they won't get any benefits. And also, look for a good guild which can provide you some help too.